LingLing Chinese Dress Professional Design Center


Quotes LingLing, Yes, we got the dress. It is wonderful ! it is not easy to get a perfect fit when your customer is 6,000 miles away ! Thanks again for your kindness. We are glad we got the chance to discover your shop when we were visiting San Francisco. Quotes
Stephane & Odile (PARIS, FRANCE)

Quotes I was thrilled with the quality and service I received here. I am not Chinese but a busty white girl and as such I have not had great experiences at other places when I wanted to buy a custom qipao. Not here, Linda was great and delivered a BEAUTIFUL dress that fits like a glove in a really short period of time. She is super nice and even tried to return the tip I gave her but I wouldn't have it back as I was so happy. I bought a qipao in blue but you can be sure I'll have a rainbow of them in my closet very soon. Quotes
Kathy J. (Pacifica, CA)

Quotes Craftsmanship was excellent. Customer service was pleasant (even working under such time constraints -I was very bad at having this made at the last minute) and prices were very affordable. Quotes
Christine T. (Pleasanton, CA)

Quotes A hidden treasure of Chinatown! Quotes
Terry D (San Francisco, CA)

Quotes Ling is very nice; she gave netural comments and was not pushy at all. Quotes
Karen L. (San Francisco, CA)

Quotes She patiently showed me the various styles and I talked to her about what I liked and didn't like. We finally settled on a beautiful custom dress that was modern (ie. a peep hole for my boobs) with a dragon design on the front rather than the traditional all over print. Three weeks later my dress was ready, and because I had lost some weight, she refitted me and it fit beautifully and was completely flattering. All my worst fears about this dress; never actualized. Instead I got a beautiful dress that honored the traditions but also was modernized and flattering to me!!!! Quotes
Denise Q. (San Francisco, CA)

Quotes Although I am not Chinese/Taiwanese, I came here to purchase a qipao/cheongsam here for my wedding since my fiance is Taiwanese.......My fiance told me he loved the dress so much on me that he forgot I wasn't Chinese...whatever that means......I was definitely satisfied with this one and would recommend here to my friends who would like to purchase their qipao...... Quotes
Frannie C. (San Francisco, CA)