LingLing Chinese Dress Professional Design Center

LingLing a.k.a.Linda Lai

Linda Lai, a professional Chinese dress designer and the tailor of LingLing Chinese Dresses, specializes in custom-making both Chinese traditional dresses and Chinese Dresses blending with western fashion. She has run her exclusive business for over 20 years in the San Francisco Bay area. Customers are all over the world, including those from Canada, Mexico, France, and England. She has custom-made many dresses for pageant queens, celebrities, and politician for variety events. 
Serving the community
Linda has been serving the community for many years. She has been awarded by the San Francisco Mayer Gavin Newson and President of District Supervisors for her excellent leadership and achievement for the community. She has fund-raised for many non-profit organization through her leadership and skills, and at the same time promoting the beautiful culture of Chinese traditional clothing. She is the Board of Director of Chinese Chamber of Commerce, USA. In addition, she is the founder and president of Ms. Chinese QiPao Beauty U.S.A., fund-raising for local non-profit organizations (i.e., Self-Help for the Elderly, San Francisco Salvation Army, etc.)